Our Company

We are a family business passionate about the history of the Second World War and participating in recreation events in Spain.

Our history began in 2004, in the first celebration of Expohistorica de Castellón, organized by the Bermudez de Castro Association and with the collaboration of the Military Museum of Valencia. Years later, in 2009, we opened Wehrmacht.es, beginning the commercialization of German uniforms and becoming distributors of the Ant-Z brand.

Since 2009 we work for collectors, reenactors, museums and audiovisual and theater producers, offering a wide range of uniforms, equipment, accessories and replicas of weapons from World War II.

Currently we can offer some products of our own, giving jobs to companies located in Europe and 100% Spanish. We try to make these products as faithful as possible to history, striving every day to improve and offer better quality.



We are members of two of the first reenactors groups in Spain, the Catalan Association of Collectors of Historical Uniforms and the Spanish Association of Historical Reenactment, affiliated since 2004, together, we have been participating since the first events set in World War II and collecting uniforms of the German side and the American side. In 2019, we attended the 75th Anniversary of the Normandy landing and the 75th Anniversary of the liberation of Paris, thanks to Koufra Spain, led by our friend "Petit".


No Solo "Militaria" Antiques Fair

We participate and collaborate with the Don Rodrigo Foundation in the largest Fair of Military Antiquities presented in Spain, with more than 4,000 m2 in the Crystal Pavilion of the Casa de Campo de Madrid, with a capacity of approximately 2,000 people and 25,000 visitors. www.nosolomilitaria.es



Another of the most important military antiques fairs is held in Milan. It consists of a commercial part with stores and a historical-cultural documentation composed of associations, testimonies and reenactment groups. It has two pavilions, one of historical scope and the second dedicated to Airsoft. As Wehrmacht.es, we have been attending for the last two years, giving us the opportunity to meet new friends and expand our knowledge.


Escape Rooms

We have worked with several national Escape Rooms, set in World War II, that have trusted us when it comes to acquiring uniforms, weapons and props to give their players the most realistic experience.


Cinema, Television and Theater

For years, we have been participating, advising and collaborating in audiovisual productions such as the miniseries "Tornarem" of public television in Catalonia, short film by Àlvaro Rodriguez Areny "Le Blizzard" starring Aida Folch (Tornarem), Isak Férriz (Gigantes) and Alex Moreu Garriga (Holy Motors), and recently "The photographer of Mauthausen", a film starring Mario Casas, Richard van Weyden and Alain Hernández.





National and international companies that trust us


Peris Costumes Art Box Fango Colectivo Artistico Electronic Arts Soldiers Madrid

Brutal Media TV

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