Recreation, in a generic sense, refers to any activity that aims to reproduce historical events. For example, certain forms of historiography are often described as "historical reconstruction," as well as certain novels, films, and paintings whose theme is essentially historical. More restrictively, historical reenactment is a collective staging in which participants seek to recreate, with a certain degree of accuracy, aspects of a historical event or period, mostly of a military nature, usually on the very grounds where the events occurred.

The objective of historical reenactment is to immerse oneself in the evoked period's experience. Those groups that take it more seriously strive to accurately reproduce the living conditions of the time, from tools (weapons, equipment) and clothing (uniforms) to dietary habits and technological limitations. When the staging is performed in front of an audience, there is often a desire to make history tangible and understandable.

Today, reenactment is a growing activity worldwide and constitutes a subculture with associations, specialized magazines, websites, and much more. Simultaneously, the popularization of historically accurate military reenactments has generated a vast international market for reproduction uniforms, equipment, etc., necessary to participate in such events. This has, in turn, increased the value of sources documenting these artifacts (military history, uniformology). The demand for high-quality reproductions has continued to grow, along with meticulousness and applied rigor.

The Napoleonic Wars and the two World Wars are among the periods most frequently associated with historical reenactment. Additionally, each country's own historical experience translates into specificities. For instance, there is a tendency in the United States to focus on the Civil War; in England, on the 17th-century English Civil War; in France, on the Napoleonic Wars; in Italy, on the battles of the Risorgimento and the Alpine Front of 1915-1918; in Spain, on the War of Succession and the Spanish Civil War.

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